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Get to know the world of simulators from a slightly different perspective. SIMT SIMULATOR simulates the work of a public transport driver, specifically a bus, trolleybus and tram. Play unlimited for free or contribute to development through the gold version. We will reward you with extended content (trams, trolleybuses, multiple lines, vehicles and other functions and content). We are planning multiplayer games in the future. Looking ahead, we will focus on train simulation.







Simt Simulator celebrates its 10th anniversary

Simt Simulator celebrated 10 years since its founding today. The project was established on January 21, 2011.




Support us in development

support us financially by purchasing expanded content. The game is purchased in the form of a subscription, as it is connected online to a game server, which collects statistics from your rides. In addition, we will soon be working on the so-called multiplayer, which will allow players to drive in Simt as in a real transport company. Players will see each other directly in the game, passengers will transfer, the dispatcher will control the traffic, etc. We have big plans, but the development is demanding not only in time, but also financially and above all, the game is still evolving! Hence the subscription! All updates are then free.

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  • 9.49         Gold Version 3 months
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  • 67.99         Gold Version 4 years


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